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Coaches, Consultants, thought leaders and badass business mavericks—welcome home. This is your space.  

I am Evelyne Brink, the magic wand for highly talented, passionate humans who light this world up with their spirit. 

When you are passionate about your calling it's easy to allow stress and struggle to creep in. I'm standing up and saying NO MORE to anxiety and worry to rule your world. 

It's time to learn to stand and work in pleasure. 

Let’s get started, shall we?

Hey there! I'm Lindsay

Ready to start really living your best life? Then you're in the right place.

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Introducing Business by Pleasure -
the premier program for overworked, overwhelmed, stressed-out entrepreneurs.

 I see you. You want to scale to high 6 and 7 figures but you want to do so without sacrificing yourself.

After all, what’s the point of self-martyrdom in the name of success?

You know that the best decisions come from your deep clarity but doubts creep up behind the scenes. 

Others don’t get it - they only see that things are technically going so well for you.

Traditional coaching programs are alluring with the promises of more freedom and money but they're lacking. You've followed the method, and you're still struggling with anxiety, stress, and internal struggle.

Here's the truth: you need to learn to leverage pleasure. 

If you are nodding along - you are right and you shall have it!

Business by Pleasure does not offer superficial one size fits all templates.

No tried and tired blueprints that worked for the maker but not for you.

I honour your personal journey, circumstances, and talents. 

Let’s design your unique success path with those in mind.

In Business by Pleasure you will discover a feminine way of growing business. Rather than the traditional testosterone-filled approaches to achievement, I’m suggesting a more clitoral approach. Gentle strokes take you much higher

Everyone talks about doing more, faster, smarter, harder. 

I invite you to harness the often still undervalued power of the feminine.

Which will nourish your spirit, body, and mind, channel your creativity, connect you to your deepest clarity.

Business Success is merely a logical consequence of our journey together. 

If you’d like to experience less ARGH and more aaahhh! To grow your business and personal life, I look forward to getting to know you. 

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#1: Leaders in the spotlight (or who oughta be) who struggle with self-advocating. 

I work with high-functioning, brillant creatives. Not the potheads of the industry but the ones who get down to business, write the songs, tour the globe, make the movie, finish the script—bring the idea to reality. 

The more successful you are, the harder it is to trust those around you. And it’s impossible to build YOUR dream when everyone wants you to build theirs. As your coach, I’ll help you reset the power button on your career so you can keep calling the shots. 

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#2 Master coaches, authors and experts with powerful messages and terrible execution. 


It doesn’t matter how compelling or important your story is if you can’t leverage your time to serve as many people as possible. I’ll help you translate your magic on-camera, hone in your message, and teach you how to connect authentically through the lens. With this new skill in hand, you’ll free up your time filtering and messaging individually and get back to doing what you really love.

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